Our Fantastic Escape Games

Realmz is initially unleashing only one game room to the world, but it will blow your mind. We aim for quality over quantity in delivering the most creative and immersive room escape game experience available on planet Earth. Right here in little old Perth. The terrors of Ancient Egypt have been released in the “Curse of the Mummy”. Our second game room experience is yet to arrive on planet Earth from the outer galactic regions of the cosmos….

Curse of the Mummy

Realmz Room Escape Game Perth Curse of the Mummy

Ancient legend tells of a great and almighty pharaoh who’s transcendence into the afterlife was prevented by invaders from the North. The high priests were over thrown and disgrace brought upon the temple before the royal guard were able to fight back and forever seal the temple for its protection. It is believed the great pharaoh was trapped between worlds for eternity, placing a curse upon the temple. No explorer to venture into the tomb has ever come back alive and sane.

It is believed that the one to bring honour back to the pharaohs name and complete his transcendence into the afterlife shall be granted wealth and power beyond their wildest imaginations. Many have tried to uncover the secrets and reveal what great treasures lie within, but only one such man has ever come close. Upon receiving a diary owned by your great, great grandfather you find clues that reveal that he was such a man, and so begins your journey to uncover the truth surrounding this great mystery.